General and Restorative Dentistry

Good dentistry services can mean the difference between a healthy, attractive smile and teeth that are too compromised to function properly. Dr. Scott Logan and his accomplished team of specialists provide patients in Huntsville, TX with premier oral health and quality dental restorations. 

Reliable Dentistry in Walker County

Our dental office emphasizes the importance of maintaining a solid oral structure and performing restorative procedures as necessary. By ensuring proper function, infections, tooth decay, and chips are less likely to occur. This proactive approach to dentistry allows Dr. Logan and staff to employ modern and minimally invasive methods of treatment before issues start to progress.     

We offer a variety of general services administered by talented professionals. Our Huntsville dental practice maintains detailed diagnostic exams, thorough cleaning procedures, and reliable restorative procedures such as white composite fillings and root canals. Along with providing the standard dental services to registered patients, Dr. Logan also addresses complications such as tooth decay, gum disease, damaged or missing teeth, and internal staining. We treat our patients with respect and a provide a comfortable experience.  

Additional Services offered at our office include:

-Same-Day Crowns with CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) are conveniently effective, possessing the ability to restore smiles within a single visit. CEREC machines craft customized, accurate restorations to repair broken dentition or replace missing teeth.  
-Bonding utilizes tooth-colored material to repair damaged teeth and restore structure, appearance, and function.
-Bridges are prosthesis that close gaps left by missing teeth, using adjacent healthy teeth as anchors to generate the appearance of a complete smile.
-Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) therapy helps patients suffering from TMJ dysfunction. Dr. Logan administers a jaw-stabilizing treatment to end discomfort and restore function.
-Veneers allow patients to improve surface issues like discolored or misshapen front teeth. These restorations are thin shells of porcelain secured onto the surface of prepared teeth to produce a brighter, more uniform smile. 

Full-mouth rehabilitation

Our dedication to patient care means we provide full rehabilitation services such as replacing a full section of missing teeth. Dr. Logan begins smile reconstruction with a detailed consultation and develops a treatment plan designed to achieve a solid, whiter smile. 

Dr. Scott Logan uses partials, full dentures, or implants in combination with other cosmetic procedures for comprehensive results.

Another option still is to place mini dental implants in our office. Mini dental implants offer the same benefits of traditional dental implants at a portion of the cost. In addition, these restorations require less bone density, allowing a wider range of individuals to receive full-mouth rehabilitation and completely restore dental function and appearance.

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