Full Mouth Restorations 

Sometimes life just happens
and one day you come to the realization you are hiding your smile, your mouth is uncomfortable and you aren’t able to eat some of the foods you used to enjoy. If your mouth isn’t healthy it is hard to carry on the daily routines of life with full confidence and enthusiasm. Worn and broken teeth, missing teeth, pain or discomfort when you chew certain foods, frequent headaches, jaws that pop and have pain or discomfort are all signs of chronic dental problems.

Restoring the health of a mouth and the beauty of a natural smile for someone requires precision. Attention to details and a comprehensive understanding of the complete oral system are critical to regaining self-confidence in your smile and the ability to eat what you would like. Life is too short to have to pick and choose a meal based on your ability to chew. 

Since 1997 Dr. Logan has been a part of the Visiting Faculty at the renowned L.D. Pankey Institute where he trains dentists from all over the world in restoring the well being of a patient’s mouth to natural form, beauty and function.

If you would like to schedule a consultation or have any questions about full mouth restorations, don't hesitate to contact Dr. Scott Logan, your local Huntsville, Texas dentist, today!

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