Cosmetic Dentistry in Huntsville, TX

Modern dentistry allows patients to straighten and whiten teeth while simultaneously strengthening smiles and combatting the progress of tooth decay. At the Huntsville dental practice of Dr. Scott Loganwe help patients achieve the smiles that they’ve always wanted with functional cosmetic dental solutions.

Determining the Right Cosmetic Procedures for You

The first step in achieving your ideal smile is assessing your current oral health, and identifying which issues you would like to correct. Our smile analysis process includes a complete oral exam, where we determine the health of teeth and soft tissue.

Our practice prefers to take a conservative approach to cosmetic treatment, enhancing the natural beauty of your smile. Dr. Logan strives to ensure that patients preserve their natural tooth structures with procedures like veneers, allowing you to maintain your teeth, while restoring your smile’s aesthetic.


Aesthetic Dental Treatment Options 

At our Huntsville dental practice, our cosmetic dental procedures help your smile look healthy, bright, and balanced. We can help patients to achieve their ideal smile with any of the following treatments:

  • Veneers - Dr. Logan is skilled in utilizing veneers - made from thin shells of dental porcelain - to cover surface damage to teeth as well as minor misalignment. With porcelain veneer therapy, we can easily correct chips, cracks, severe staining, and even slightly overlapped or gapped teeth. 

  • Teeth Whitening - Teeth whitening is a popular and effective way to achieve a renewed smile. If you have stained or yellowed your teeth due to drinking tea, coffee, or smoking we can rejuvenate your smile with Kor Whitening! This potent treatment consists of both in-office and take-home care, allowing for efficient bleaching. 

  • Bonding - Our Practice utilizes this treatment to fix minor aesthetic issues including chipped and cracked teeth and lessening gaps between your smile! A relatively inexpensive treatment, this procedure can match the natural color of your smile! 

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Whether you need a complete smile overhaul to correct complicated dental problems or your smile or just want a brighter smile, our experienced and friendly staff are excited to help! If you would like to schedule an appointment or have any questions please contact our dentist in Huntsville today!

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