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Protect Your Teeth from Decay with Tooth Fillings!

The concept of a “filling” is to replace and restore your tooth structure that is damaged from decay or fractures.  Many people still have silver/mercury fillings in their mouths.  These fillings aren’t particularly pleasing to the eye but typically have a long life-span.  Unfortunately, this type of filling doesn’t adhere to the tooth structure and can expand over the life of the restoration.  This expansion can promote small stress cracks that may ultimately result in a weaker tooth.  

Tooth colored resin fillings are bonded to your tooth, don’t exert internal forces and blend with the natural coloration of your enamel.  No longer do you have to suffer the embarrassment of unsightly silver/mercury fillings.  Tooth colored resin fillings are more conservative and require less removal of tooth structure than metal fillings. 

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